Schools’ Pay Awards 2023

28th Nov 2023

Local Government Services Pay Agreement April 2023

Following the closure of the GMB ballot on 24 October 2023, confirmation from the Local Government Association was received on the afternoon of 1 November 2023 that the pay award for local government services (those employees on ‘Green Book’) has been reached.

The pay award increase is £1,925 across all spinal points (up to point 43) on the pay scales and 3.88% on all other points and allowances.

This period covers 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

Unite has refused to include its details in the NJC pay agreement circular, but the Constitutional requirement has been met, which means the pay award can be implemented.

Teachers’ Pay Award September 2023

The Schools Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) 2023 was published in October.

The STPCD 2023 Teachers Pay Order was laid in Parliament until 2 November 2023 to allow for the 21-day praying period.

The recommended pay increase is 6.5% on all pay points and allowances with a higher increase to Main Pay Range point 1 (of 7.1%, minimum salary of £30,000). Find further details of the advisory pay points on page 63 of the STPCD here.

Maintained Schools must comply with the minimum and maximum amounts to each pay range as set out in the STPCD.