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Children’s Services

Children’s services

Supporting emotional well-being, learning and inclusion

Supporting schools and families to ensure that all children can reach their full potential

Leaving a lasting first impression

Our range of children's support services are designed to help every child in school success. We work closely with schools and families to ensure that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our team of experienced and qualified professionals are here to support you every step of the way.

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As a school or academy, you are required to participate in the moderation and monitoring cycle for KS 1 and 2 teacher assessments and the KS 2 tests. This annual payment covers the cost of your inclusion in the Suffolk moderation cycle. The cost is per school for the academic year. This ensures that your students receive a comprehensive assessment and that your results are put through a rigorous quality assurance process.

I know teachers have felt much more connected and involved and therefore able to follow things through with the child in the class, understanding what you are trying to achieve through your interventions.


Schools' Choice Procurement Service is effective at saving you money. In Suffolk, schools have saved as much as 40% on their goods and services by using our service. Our aim is to assist all schools in obtaining maximum value for money in the procurement of goods and services whilst observing the principles of best procurement practice, accountability and transparency.
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Special Education Services

The Specialist Education Services (SES) offer a range of services which can be used by schools and settings to develop and enhance their inclusive practice around pupils with:

  • Cognition and learning needs, including specific learning difficulties
  • Communication and interaction needs, including speech and language needs
  • Social, emotional and mental health needs
  • Sensory and physical needs (i.e. pupils with a hearing impairment, visual impairment or dual sensory impairment; it does not include those with sensory processing sensitivities).

SES works with school leaders, teachers, staff and governors to develop best practice around inclusion, whether this is identifying pupils’ needs and providing advice and guidance to inform reasonable adjustments to support those needs or supporting specific whole school development, for example, the development of an inclusive policy or inclusive curriculum.

Psychology and Therapeutic Services

Our team of Educational Psychologists and Inclusion Facilitators work with children, young people, families and professionals. They support emotional wellbeing and inclusion to improve learning outcomes.

Education Trips Advisory

The Educational Trips Advisory Service offers a range of support packages and training for Multi-Academy Trusts, Academies, Federations, Private Schools and Free Schools. It is also the point of contact for all maintained schools where a legal obligation still exists. With the introduction of GDPR EVOLVE ensures that data is updated daily and stored following national guidelines.

Both instructors were full of knowledge and extremely helpful with situations within my field. It has really helped me to feel more confident in my day to day role.

Attendance Officer Support

Our service is backed by educational specialists who work with you to achieve and maintain healthy school attendance figures. The package comprises casework, consultation, awareness sessions and other pioneering initiatives, all of which are focused and practical, and quality-assured by a senior education welfare officer.

Education Appeals Office

We arrange independent admission appeals and exclusion reviews for schools. We use only fully-trained independent panel members and clerks to hear the appeals or reviews and they have full regard for the law and the latest Department for Education guidance.

We make all arrangements including suitable local venues; ensuring all necessary parties are invited, collating and reproducing paperwork and ensuring all statutory deadlines and procedures are met.