Further Strike Days

27th Jun 2023

The NEU is planning to strike on Wednesday 5th and Friday 7th July 2023.

Members of the NEU do not have to take strike action if they do not wish to do so, even though other members may be striking, and their union may say they have to. Staff cannot be disciplined by the NEU if they choose not to take part.

Every school affected by the strike will need to consider contingency plans to cover the health, safety, and welfare responsibilities towards pupils and all headteachers will be managing this over the next couple of weeks.

In the event of strike action at a school, the school leaders will take all reasonable steps to keep the school open for as many pupils as possible. In some schools, there may be little or no impact from strike action but in others, it may mean that changes are made to the way they operate. Schools will usually let parents know how they are being affected, and if not closed or cannot provide a place, then parents still have a legal duty to send their children to school unless they are unwell.