2023/24 Support Staff Pay Offer Announced

24th Feb 2023

The National Employers for local government services announced yesterday, 23rd February, the offer of a pay increase of at least £1,925 from April 2023.

The Chair of the National Employers for local government services said:
‘’ For the lowest paid (currently earning £20,441 per annum), the offer equates to an increase of 9.42 percent this year; meaning their pay will have increased by £4,033 (22.0 percent) over the two years since April 2021. For those on all pay points above the top of the pay spine, an offer of 3.88 percent has been made.

The National Employers are acutely aware of the additional pressure this year’s offer will place on already hard-pressed council finances, as it would need to be paid for from existing budgets. However, they believe their offer is fair to employees, given the wider economic backdrop’’

We await further updates on the discussions and response to this offer.

Local Government Association