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HR & Payroll

Integrated payroll, HR and pensions systems

Extensive, practical HR support services

Efficient and timely payroll management

Our Payroll Service is an effective and comprehensive solution for schools in the UK. We provide a full range of payroll services, from processing salaries and benefits to managing employee records and compliance with statutory requirements.

Does your school
 or academy need payroll services?

Please contact us to discuss how we can implement this service with a process suited to you.

Support from start to finish

Our aim is to reduce the costs of processing and administrative burden to you as an employer. In particular, we want to automate as many processes as possible so that you can focus on maximising your school’s effectiveness. We also recognise that each school is different, and we will work with you to tailor our services to your specific needs. We can facilitate full integration with HR expertise reducing input needs and ensuring accurate decision making. 

Key Benefits

  • Smooth integration process with all MIS systems for payroll uploads 
  • Full integration with HR processes and expertise for a consolidated and accurate end to end system
  • HR Absence Reporting and monitoring 
  • Integrated system to facilitate Work Force Census 
  • Peace of mind that we will process your payroll and pension contributions accurately and efficiently
  • 100% compliant with all relevant legislation
  • Years of experience in the field of education
  • Helpdesk service operated by friendly, knowledgeable consultants
  • Real-time access to employee data via a secure, web-based customer portal
Having moved to Schools Choice, we are delighted with the speed of response to our payroll queries, the support from a named officer and detailed reports we receive before and after payroll. We are very happy to recommend Schools' Choice payroll.

Experienced education payroll provider

By drawing on expertise and knowledge from across our experienced HR team, you can be confident that all required statutory and voluntary payments and deductions, along with the necessary formal reporting to HMRC, will be processed with 100% compliance.